Justin Lutz

The ministry is called Legacy.  Its called Legacy because we want to leave a Godly legacy for these boys.  Not just knowledge or skills that we can teach, but a life lived as an example for them to follow.  At the end of the day, the only thing we really can leave behind is our legacy to our kids.

At the core, a ministry to disciple boys.  To teach them what it means to be a godly man.  To equip them with practical skills and abilities that will build confidence and possibly unlock new areas of interest they didn’t know they had.  To offer a counter point to the worlds idea of the politically correct, feminized man.  To teach boys about real masculinity based on the ultimate example of masculinity, Jesus.  To get dads, grandfathers and the men of the church involved in discipleship and passing down knowledge to the next generation.

Aside from discipleship, we want to teach these boys practical skills and knowledge, that generations ago, would have automatically been passed down from father to son, and for a variety of reasons, we don’t do a good job of passing on the information anymore.  This is a ministry designed to do that, in a spiritual and physical sense.
Ministry verse:  1 Cor 16:13 – (ESV)  Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

-Boys ages 8-17.

-Dads, grandfathers, and men who have a passion to teach and want to pass down knowledge to the next generation

-On church property
-local lakes/rivers
-church members property that have land/wooded areas conducive to camping/outdoor activities

Starting out, once a month.  possibly more frequent as time goes by.  Most likely on Saturdays

The men have to be involved to make this work.  We would need to keep the ratio of men to boys relatively small to ensure safety and proper instruction.  Probably no more than 1 leader per every 3-4 boys.  There would need to be a small group of committed leaders (probably 2-4) that would take responsibility for the ministry and commit to being there at every meeting.  The core group would be responsible for  planning/scheduling/praying/teaching/bible study.  Other men would need to be involved and available as their schedules permit to help chaperone, drive, teach skills, ect.  At least 1-2 different men could be scheduled each meeting to take responsibility for teaching a particular skill that day.  A basic topic and outline would need to be submitted and approved before hand.  Topics could include:  fishing, hunting, outdoor skills, camping, car maintenance, cooking, tools, lawn equipment, ect..

Main purpose:
The main purpose should always be discipleship.  Each meeting will have a bible study and each bible study should focus on becoming disciples.  What does this mean?  How do we do it?  What is a godly man?  How do we become godly men in a godless culture?  What is the worlds idea of masculinity vs Gods idea?  ect..