Calvary Chapel West Houston (CCWH) Biblical Counseling Ministry provides counseling to individuals
and couples seeking God’s answers to the problems and questions of life. Even in today’s complicated
world you can be hopeful in the fact that God provides answers to life’s toughest problems. Here at
CCWH we’re committed to counseling based only on Biblical principles rather than secular methods.
Biblical counseling involves the Lord as Counselor, pointing out His path of discipleship and unfolding His
process of growing in Christ Jesus. The goal is eternal life changes, not a temporary “fix” that may only
work for a season.

What is Biblical counseling?
Biblical counseling is utilizing the power of God to achieve the purposes of God. Biblical counseling provides hope for change through the Bible and the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Christian people.

What kind of counseling is offered?
Biblical counseling is available for any problem you may be facing—marriage, parenting, divorce issues,addictions, disorders, depression, fear, worry, anger, grief, etc. Our counseling is based on God’s Truth as found in the Bible.

What are the fees for counseling?
CCWH does not charge for counseling. This is a ministry done out of love for Christ and for people.

What are your hours of operation?
Office phone hours are from 9am to 4pm Tuesday-Thursday. Counseling hours vary and are dependent
upon when the counselor and counselee can set a time to meet, but in most cases no later than 5pm.

How do I make an appointment?
Please fill out the Request for Counseling Form in order for us to serve you best. The counselor
administrator will get back with you to set up an appointment.

What if I miss an appointment?
We ask that appointments be cancelled 24 hours in advance except in case of emergencies. This will
allow time slots for others who wish to come in for counseling.

How long are appointments?
Each session is approximately one hour long and may continue as long as six weeks. Our goal is not to
commit to long term counseling, but to disciple those being counseled and encourage them to get
involved in other areas of ministry such as Men’s ministry or Women’s ministry.

Who are the Counselors?
CCWH counselors are pastors and other qualified individuals trained in biblical counseling.

What will be expected of me?
Your counselor will expect at least four things from you. First, that you will have a willingness to grow
and change. Second, that you will attend weekly sessions. Third that you will complete homework
assignments that ensure lasting change. Fourth, that you will regularly attend Sunday morning services
at Calvary Chapel West Houston.

Counseling General Policies for Counselees to know prior to meeting:
1. Everything will be held in strict confidence except where, in the counselor’s judgment, there is
a biblical requirement to involve others.
2. Counseling is based on Biblical principles. None of the counselors are licensed as
psychotherapists or psychiatrists
3. Men do not counsel women one-on-one and women do not counsel men one-on-one
4. Biblical counseling is a ministry so we can offer it free of charge; however, we ask that you be
faithful to the time you commit to providing a minimum of 24-hours notice if cancellation is
5. All formal counseling is done at church. (Unless otherwise approved by the Pastor)
6. By accepting counseling by Calvary Chapel West Houston the counselee agrees to commit to
the counseling by being faithful to regular schedule of worship, studying and completion of
homework assignments. And to being honest and open with the counselor.

What should the Counselee expect from the Church Counseling Ministry:
1. Open with prayer.
2. The counselee verbalizes the problem, need, concern, etc.
3. Through a process of dialogue, “major” issues are brought forth.
4. The Pastor/Counselor will begin to teach, correct, and train in righteousness as the Holy Spirit
convicts the heart of the counseled.
5. Assign reading homework. (if applicable)
6. Close in prayer.


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