Abandon is our ministry targeting college age individuals varying in age from high school graduate to 25ish.Our focus in this ministry is to keep those in this age range connected to Jesus and the church body at large. Often during this time there is a disconnect that takes place as life becomes “uncomfortable! “There are many changes going on during this time where some are experiencing freedom from parental control, some are finding that their walk with the Lord was dependent on their parents or peer pressure, some are overwhelmed with the thought of, “What’s next? “and the pressures of real life. That is where “Abandon” comes into play. Our heart is that these precious sons and daughters of the King would abandon anything that is holding them back in their walk with the Lord and run fully after Him.
Our vision for this ministry comes from a time of prayer and fasting. During that time the Lord gave clear vision that He is a relational God, first with Him, and secondly with each other. God also showed that He is “Missions minded.” God has a heart for, “All men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. “God desires to use this age group to reach “All men.”


We meet every other Monday for a time of fellowship and hanging out, We spend time with the Lord and time with each other. Our focus beyond that will be getting plugged into the church body at large and missions, Biblical counseling and discipleship is also available

Roy and Audrey Meyer